From the Baltics to the most Southern tip of Africa, Film O’Clock International Festival uses meridians to connect audiences across cities, countries, and continents. With simultaneous screenings and live Q&As, audiences are given the chance to experience a film festival from miles away. FoC IFF will bring the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres together, because the love for cinema stretches beyond our borders.

Curated by a committee of programmers from each country, the festival selection will focus on the discovery of new voices, and highlight each culture’s storytelling trends.

FoC IFF aims to make the film festival experience more accessible by eliminating expensive travel fees and the “by invitation-only” tradition. Films can be used as a vehicle to communicate emotions and ideas and, thereby, enrich the audience’s understanding of themselves and others. By connecting different audiences in the same time zone, the interchange of films and discussions aim to instil empathy and broaden one country’s awareness of another. A love is cultivated as a result, not only for cinema, but also for our time zoneneighbours.

Enjoy your time. It’s Film O’Clock.